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Covid 19
coronavirus update
Covid 19

The world is fighting a battle, as the deadly corona virus has strongly taken its claw over the world taking life of thousands of people. The ratio of people the virus is engulfing is tremendously increasing each single day. First case was reported on 29th January in Wuhan, China and till now the number is only increasing rapidly. No vaccination and medication till now is able to overcome this situation but still we have hope as our scientist are continuously working on it.

As a responsible citizen instead of panicking on the recent scenario we should come together and strictly follow certain norms and advice given to us by the health department and the ruling authority of our country. Symptoms of Corona virus can be confused by symptoms of common flu hence care should be taken and confirmation test should be done in any suspected cases.

As this corona virus outbreak is declared  pandemic Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi addressed the nation and announced a public curfew on 22nd March that is on Sunday from 7am to 9pm. In his words people are requested to stay at home and avoid public gathering.Moreover he asked to give paid leave to the house maid and avoid queuing up in hospital for minor issues. This one day public curfew will not decrease the cases but will surely bring down number of contact of people. Sunday is the day people usually choose for gathering hence this day is specifically taken into consideration.

Furthermore Mr. Modi requested people to get on their balconies and doorsteps for five minutes and clap their hands and ring bells to express support for people who serve others like the healthcare department and the sanitation work.

He highlighted the importance of social distancing and asked people not to step out of house until its an emergency. He also emphasized for the care to be taken by the senior citizens to be overprotective.

Taking all this into consideration we as a responsible citizen should follow the guideline provided to us and do self isolation so that we can be one of the steeping stone and help our nation to fight against this pandemic and overcome this situation.

An article by Dr. Ainan Khan

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